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Retirement Planning

As you zero in on retirement, your priorities will begin to shift from saving for retirement to generating reliable income for as long as you live. Northwestern Mutual can help you design a plan to convert your assets into a predictable, steady income so you'll reach retirement with a greater level of financial confidence.

The key is to fine-tune your approach to planning as you near retirement, by taking steps to:

  • Help you meet your goals with a 90 percent* confidence level that your money will last by leveraging Northwestern Mutual's unique approach. Through a process called Monte Carlo simulation, your plan will be benchmarked against thousands of different scenarios to help take the guesswork out of creating retirement income that will last.
  • Mitigate the six key risks you cannot control. As you prepare for retirement, you'll want to address the key risks that can interfere with your ability to reach your financial goals and live the life you envision.
  • Create a sound strategy by taking a series of steps to convert your assets into a predictable, steady stream of retirement income.
  • Decide when and how to take Social Security. The choices you make can have a significant impact on the amount of your benefit and, potentially, on your ability to reach your financial goals in retirement.

Unique Approach to Retirement Income Planning

Watch this short video to learn how Northwestern Mutual's unique approach to retirement income planning can give you a greater level of confidence that the money you're working so hard to save may last your lifetime.

To find out how this innovative strategy can benefit you, contact Patrick Furey today.

*The planning tool analyzes Retirement Allocation Strategies with the Retirement Analytics Monte Carlo tool running 500 trials. A plan with a 90% confidence level means that in 90% of the trials (450), the plan met both goals of providing a specified amount of income over the lifetime of a hypothetical retiree and of meeting that retiree's assumed legacy objective. A 75% confidence level option is also available.

A Financial Plan for the Life You Love

Financial Solutions for You, the Business Owner

Patrick Furey is trained to understand what's important to you and your business. He is going to provide you the expertise needed to address your top needs. Patrick and his team includes strategic partners who are dedicated to specific plans and products:

Patrick Furey can help you develop a personalized financial plan with solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your business, to:

  • Minimize risk by being prepared for the unexpected.
  • Safeguard your business with coverage to help offset the loss of cash flow if you become sick or hurt.
  • Recruit and retain employees with competitive benefits programs.
  • Enhance your benefits programs to reward employees who are key to the success of your business.
  • Transition your business smoothly with a properly designed and funded business succession plan.
  • Integrate all aspects of financial planning for your business and your personal life to ensure success on both fronts.

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